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Welcome to the

Month of Tevet


Binding mind, heart and deed

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The Mitzvah that binds our minds with our hearts and deeds, and allows a daily reunification within ourselves and with G-d.

Tefillin (תְּפִלִּין) are black leather boxes containing Hebrew parchment scrolls, worn by Jewish men and boys on a daily basis. A set includes two—one for the head and one for the arm. Each consists of three main components: the scrolls, the box and the strap.

Tefillin- to read about the what, the why, and the how-to: press here.

For a dose of inspiration: press here

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Order Your Tefillin With EMI:

Buy a pair of Tefillin worth 36,ooo Rs. with one of the options below:

A. 24 months/1000 Rs a month

B. 48 months/ 500 Rs a month


To get your pair Submit this form


Join The Tefillin Club:

Every Sunday of this month (12, 19, 26 of December), we will gather in zoom for a 15 minutes of prayer from home.


Let's inspire each other and put the tefillin together!

Welcome to the 10 Mitzvah Campaign Calendar Project.png