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Cteen Camp Information


Here you will find out important information to register for Camp. Please read carefully.

Dates & Times🗓️

May 12th, Sunday - May 19th, Sunday.  

This year Cteen Camp will be GOAing!

Trips and Program in Mumbai - May 12 - 14

Traveling & Trips in Goa - May 15 - May 19

Camp will end with a special Family Banquet in Nariman House on 19th May.  ✨

Detailed schedules regarding each day's location, time and activities are sent the week before camp.

Age & Stage

Jewish Teens - 14 years - 18 years

Entering 9th Standard/Finishing their 1st Year of Senior College.

Schedules 📋

Camp schedules are packed with fun! 🎊Some of the activities included are

Prayers, Jewish lessons, Art, Sports, Dance, Adventure Activities, Trips to Jumping zones, arcades and more, Nature Visits, Hikes, Baking, A 5 day exhilarating trip to Goa, Cooking, Crafts, Social and Fun Games.🎳📚🎨🏸🍽️

You can also check out pictures from past CTeens Camp years.

Below is a tentative schedule to give an idea of activities and programs that we do.

Tentative Schedule📋

Sun - May 12

Opening Day! Trips, Crafts, Activities Mumbai

Mon - May 13

Trips, Crafts, Activities Mumbai

Tue - May 14

Trips, Crafts, Activities Mumbai

Wed - May 15

Travel to Goa / Goa visit sights / Movie Night

Thurs - May 16

Historical and Cultural Sights / Tour of Goa

Fri - May 17

Early Morning Beach / Water sports / Shabbat candle lighting, meal, Game night\

Shabbat - May 18

Shabbat Spirit with meals, games, discussion / Walk to Beach

Havdalah / Closing Circle

Sun - May 19

Travel Back to Mumbai

End with a Family Banquet at Nariman House

Cteen’s Mission👱👱‍♀️

Cteen’s Mission is to unite Jewish Teens with their Jewish Heritage, all while enjoying a five-star fun and relaxing experience. It is a nice re-energizer for the new year, new standard and upcoming exams. Get on board!🤩

Fees & Discounts💲

Camp is highly subsidized per teen because we want to ensure every Jewish teen can join this five-star fun experience & learn more about their Judaism.

Registration and fees. 

Registration Opens on April 17✍️

  • Full Cost: 9900 rs. (Includes registration fee + trip to Goa!)

  • Registration Fee: 2200 rs. (This is the price that needs to be paid by registration, the rest of the fees to be paid by May 2. All prices include the registration fee)

  • Early Bird Price🐤: 7700 rs. Expires Friday, April 19, at noon, 11:59 AM 🕛 (Includes registration fee + trip to Goa)


Registration closes - on May 2, 11:59. (Afterwards, prices go up!)


Torah Talks + Events Discount:

  • Joined ALL classes & events on the Cteen Calendar of March - May (and registered in time for the early bird price)? Woho! You receive 7700 off the camp price!


  • If you joined some of the Torah Talks classes (but not all), Each Class earns you 200 rs. Off. 3 classes left till camp, join NOW!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During Registration - only the registration fee is paid. The amount for your final price will be sent to you once you register with registration fee - and will need to be paid by May 2. (this will take into account the early bird discount, 24 flash sale, Torah Talks discount etc.) 

Only once you pay, will we be able to book tickets to Goa. Paying after May 2 - results in a 10% higher fee for every day. 


Contact Mushki for any questions, concerns or clarifications.


To complete registration - fill out your information and payment details on the registration form. Once submitted, Cteen will look through the form and send you a letter of acceptance + final Camp fee.

Cancellations & Refunds

An emergency came up and you need to cancel? 

Registration fee is non refundable. It is a commitment fee that you are committed to camp in full. 

Final Price, once paid, cannot be refunded after trips and tickets are booked. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What do the fees entail?

Fees paid for camp include EVERYTHING besides the suitcase and spending money. 

This includes Meals, snacks, transportation (from certain areas), tickets to and from Goa, and all activities to be done!🚐🍴

Transportation 🚐🚕

Yes, transportation is available to and from camp for central Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane areas, as well as for trips and overnights. For other areas - we might be able to arrange transportation upon request - for an additional fee. You can contact Mushki to discuss this.


Rabbi Uri & Mushki For the past five years, Rabbi Uri and Mushki have been leading the way, creating an amazing community for Jewish teens in Mumbai. And, for the past four years (minus one Covid-year), they've been running an epic camp experience with loads of informative sessions, interesting workshops and adventure-like fun activities!🎰

This dynamic duo will be on site for all camp activities and trips, ensuring everyone's safety and well-being. 


They will be joined by Angela Lebana, the Program Director of Camp. With her expertise to curate, plan and execute top-notch events, adding a blend of vast travel experiences, you know you're in for a treat! 🤩

And, the cherry on top? An incredible team of volunteers - older Jewish youth from the community who are dedicated to making sure you have an unforgettable time! They'll be there every step of the way to ensure your safety and fun! 🤝


So, what are you waiting for?
Join the CTeen Mumbai camp and get ready for a week of adventure, friendship, and memories to last a lifetime! 💥


For any questions - please do not hesitate to contact Mushki at 97696 22580


The Cteen Camp Staff

A project of Chabad of Mumbai

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